WSIC EBooks was founded on the pretence that anyone who wants to should be able to have his or her works of literature published. Why should writers have to debase themselves by submitting their works of literature to one of the big publishing houses only to be told thank you but no thanks? The reason for the big publisher’s denial is not that they do not think the work of literature is unworthy but that they do not believe that they can make a significant amount of money by printing the literature.

We at WSIC EBooks Ltd. are of a different opinion. If you think, your work of literature is good enough to offer to the public than lets do it and we will endeavor to get it out there for you.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the few that have had their work of literature published then we say congratulations and we still offer you this opportunity to take your literature to the next step.
The next step towards getting your works published is yours. Here is your opportunity to break down the barriers that are keeping you from your dreams, hopes and aspirations.

See the following for what do you need to do next and/or what more do you need to know?

Q: How do you pay out royalties?
Royalties are usually paid out by issuing a cheque, however we have discovered that with some of our oversea authors it is better for them to request payment via moneygram. We are willing to do this, but as issuing a cheque cost the company $3.00 and moneygram cost $10.00 authors are required to bare the excess $7.00 cost.

Q: How will I know how many ebooks I sell?
Once you have made your first ebook sale, WSIC EBooks Ltd. will make two personalized web pages for you and you will be notified by email of these web pages and thereafter you will be able to visit these web pages to keep track of your sales and earnings.

Q: How should I format my manuscript?
1) Font = Times New Roman 12 point (never use multiple fonts), Single space
Normal text
2) Use the enter button to start a new paragraph only. Otherwise let the text flow freely.
3) Send a cover art with the manuscript.
Not necessary to actually make the title page as we can do this.
Cover has to be 1,600 x 2,400 pixels. If you can send this size great, if not we will adjust.
4) Edit and re-edit your manuscript (remember we only do top level editing so the fine tuning is up to the author)
5) Manuscripts are not to be over 5 MB (you can check the size of your manuscript in its properties).
6) First line of the manuscript should be the name of the ebook.
7) Second line of the manuscript should be the author’s name.
8) Third line if using a pen name other than your real name should note “Pen Name = [whatever pen name you choose to write under]”
9) Fourth line should list two categories that ebook pertains to if known (eg. fiction adventure, Science fiction)
10) Fifth line should be some tags (words that people can use to search to get hits on your ebook) (eg. fiction, thriller, murder, inspirational, etc.)
11) Sixth line should be your sales blurb. (something like what you would find on the back cover of a soft cover book).

Do Not
1) No Tabs
2) No header or footers
3) No text boxes. If something like a text box is really necessary copy the text box after it has been created into an editor program and make a GIF file out of it.
4) Do not put page number on a table of content for page numbers mean nothing in the ebook world.
5) Do not put the name of the ebook in all CAPITALS as ebook retailers do not like this.

Q: What if my literature has already been published?

If your literature has already been published you must verify that you still have the electronic rights to your work. If you still have the electronic rights then you can submit your book for ebook / ebooks publication and ebook / ebooks sale on this site.

Q) Is the work of literature an original work and never been published?

If the answer to this is yes and all material in the work is original then your almost there.

Q) What if I have reproduced and/or use information from other pieces of literature in my book. What should I do?

In these cases you should contact the writers of the original works and obtain their writing their permission to use the reproduced work(s).

Q) What if my book has already been published in some manner and/or I have an agent.

As WSIC EBooks Ltd. will be offering your literature for sale in electronic format only all we require is the electronic rights to your literature. Therefore, you need to ascertain that you still hold the electronic rights. Also, note that as we will only be requesting the electronic rights and rights that may spin off the electronic rights to your literature this will leave you free to pursue other publishing avenues.

Q: What kind of literature are you accepting?

We are accepting all literature from all genres, be it fantasy, non-fiction, fiction, children, family, poems, sensual, x-rated erotic. We don’t judge the literature and as long as the subject matter is not against the law we will publish it for you.

Q: Do you assist people in getting illustrations / graphics or proof reading / editing for their work?

The simple answer is no. That being said if you submit an ebook without a cover we do supply our basic cover for your ebook and other than keeping an eye out for obvious spelling and grammatical errors while we are formatting your ebook we do not do any content editing.

Q: How long will it take to get a work published?

Depending on the amount of formatting required, It can take from a couple of day to a couple of weeks to prepare literature for ebooks / ebooks sale.

Q: What are the economic benefit or financial payment plan for writers?

Writers royalties will be based on a percentage of each sale of their ebook / ebooks literature. How much depends on the type of literature.

Q: How will written work be made known to the world?

WSIC EBooks Ltd. publishes ebooks on 8 other sites besides our own, giving every ebook we publish exposure in many countries.

Q: Can writers be residence from any country?

Yes writers can be a residence of any country.

Q) Do you edit books?

We do not edit books for content. We edit them to prepare them for the various ebooks formats and watch for obvious spelling / grammar mistakes as we do.

Q: What is the cost of choosing WSIC EBooks Ltd. as my ebook publisher?

WSIC EBooks Ltd. charges a Writer’s fee of $35 USD.
We at WSIC EBooks cannot estimate what sales, if any, will occur when your piece of literature is offered to the public. The nonrefundable thirty-five dollars will cover administration and other cost such as:

1) Preparing your literature into multiple ebook ready formats.
2)Obtaining ISBNs for any new literature.
3)Setup writer in accounting system to track their sales and in preparation of paying writers their royalties.
4)Preparing our web site to sell the literature, etc.
5)Contribution to a fund to assist in legal services.
6)Top level grammar check as we prepare your document for ebook sales.
7) Basic cover for your ebook (we suggest that author’s come up with the picture they want as the cover on their own. This they can send to us and we will prepare it as a book cover).

Q) Will I ever have to pay more to WSIC EBooks?

Baring extraordinary circumstances like lengthy legalities arising in regards to the legitimacy of your work you will not be required to make another payment to WSIC EBooks regarding the current contract. In fact, once your work of literature is prepared and offered for sale it is our hope that we will be paying you.

Q) Do I need to do anything else to help sell my ebook?

That depends on you. WSIC EBooks Ltd. does their part by posting your ebook on nine different servers and making your ebook available for sale at a reasonable price but there are thousands upon thousands of ebooks available for sale on the Internet and more being posted every day. We try our best to get your ebook noticed but if you really want to generate sales we suggest that you perform something of an online book tour. So after we have your ebook posted and available for sale we suggest that you go online and join various blogs and discussion sites or even create your own blog, or facebook, even Twitter and talk about your new book. Let people know it is out there, give them a reason to go and look at the sampling of your ebook, which may result in sales.

If you do not find your answer here or would like more information
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