Welcome to the WSIC EBooks Ltd service information page.

The services we provide our authors are straightforward:

1) Format manuscripts for those who cannot or those who do not want to have deal with the hassle of formatting their work in the multiple formats required to post their books on various ebook sites.

2) Provide top-level grammar / spelling mistake review while formatting manuscripts, (we do not check content, we do not do in-depth grammar reviews, or in-depth spelling mistake reviews).

3) Post and make available for sale authors ebooks on nine different sites.

4) Give authors a home on our WSIC EBooks Ltd. site for their ebooks

5) Provide a web page that authors can use to communicate with potential purchasers of their ebooks, or to talk to other wsicebooks authors.

The services we provide our readers are just as straightforward:

1) Give readers of ebooks a place they can go to review ebooks we have available for sale.

2) Provide a stable, easy to understand website where our ebook readers can visit as a starting point in their search for various ebooks.

3) Provide a website where ebook readers can go to review the ebooks we have available for sale in a straightforward and easy manner.

4) Under no circumstances will we allow an ebook to show up more than once under a specific category, saving our ebook readers precious time; unlike many other ebook websites.

5) Advertise the ebooks we have for sale in a static manner so that when someone reviews ebooks we have for sale in a specific category they can come back at a later date and perform a similar review with the assurance that there has been no change in prior pages since their prior visit to our site.
For instance, lets say you are looking for a self-help ebook and lets also say that in our catalogue we have more than one page of titles available. These titles will always stay static on a specific page therefore; if you come to our site and review what we have available on page 1 of our listing and then come back at a later date, there is no need for you to re-review page 1 again as nothing will have changed.
Furthermore, if you previously found an ebook on page 1 that previously interested you, you can rest assured that the next time you visit our site that same ebook will be found on page 1, where you found it before.

The only web pages on our site that are not static are:

1) New arrivals as this page is updated as we get new ebooks.

Email our authors or make posts to our Author Conversation web page:

Readers of our ebooks may contact their favorite author by emailing our publishing department (emal below) and these will be forwarded to the author and their responses emailed back. We also provide our readers with the ability to post public messages to our authors, once again by emailing our publisher.